tagErotic PoetryPMOY Mom and Son

PMOY Mom and Son


Patti, now wife and mother, sees her husband off on tour
Giving her spouse space, time, freedom and its allure
She's milked hubby's dick, a good wife with an unfaithful mate
But at home, behind closed doors, her true love awaits
Much younger, stronger, with something hot, long, and of girth
She never meant to tempt the one to whom she gave birth
So beautiful a Son he was, massaging Mommy in Daddy’s bed
She felt like a PMOY of the year again, with Son in Daddy’s stead

Like in the pictures of her Playmate pictorial scene
The one of Patti, nude on the bed, in November’s Magazine
Was it Mother or Patti, the first to invite him in?
One in the same, a love bound in Mother, Son, and Sin
So upon the comforter full, languid, and red
Patti spread out, naked on the antique bed
Her long legs spread wide, open, and willing
The warmth of her perfumed body, prophesy fulfilling

Son shed his tiny underwear amid the heated glow
The sight of which made a Mother’s pussy quiver, drip, and flow,
Casting shadows on the walls, her body, and in her head
So taut and hard was the Son’s flesh in his father’s stead.
With bra lying on the bed, still firm are his Mother’s fleshy tits
Beckon now a former PMOY’s chubby nub and glistening lips
Tight panties at her feet, giving up entrance to her nest
She watched her Son crawl up from between her heaving breasts:

In the sixty-nine, a Son takes a father’s place
Pungent smell of drooling rose and petals in his face
His tongue flickered fast and thrust even deeper
Mouth to Mother’s; labia, lips, and clit to fever
Over Son’s cock, Mother’s tongue slides, snakes, and slithers
Mouths suckle, tongues flicker, taboos wilt and whither
Around his cock and over her clit, sighs and spit are
A storm in Patti and Son is throbbing, raging, and brewing

Soon she rolls upon her back, opening up her long legs wide
It’s time for Son to fertilize his PMOY Mother’s eggs deep inside
Taking cock firmly in her hand, Patti moaned: “Son, put it in”
Both afraid, for in each taut, sweet moment, Dad could walk in:
In her secret place, deep inside, and beneath her hairy mound
A PMOY must have her Son when his Father is not to be found
Between two slippery lips, awaits her hot and greasy hole
She spreads her mommy legs to guide in her Son’s swollen pole.

Oozing clear and gooey from his throbbing bulb and split
Mommy gently rubs it on her button and gasping, creamy slit
Son is trembling, so ready to slide it into Mommy’s special place
He eases over her moist, fleshy body to meet her face to face
Patti lifts her long legs to spread them high, wide, and in the air
Inch by hard thick inch, veiny cock fills a Mother’s sweltering lair
She kicks her legs back even farther, son's face between her feet
PMOY Mom and Son go face to face so their lips can meet

Son starts his thrusting, deep, slow, and steady to pace
It feels so good, his big cock sliding in and out of her taboo place
Motherfucking Patti is so sweet, but for Son there is no rest
All day with sweet, spongy tit-flesh pressed flat against his chest
First it was hard nipples, neck, and lips as his balls hit her bung
Then a Son had his mouth full of Mother's flailing tongue
Mother creamed again and again, her cunt stretched by his girth
She hasn’t had it so full since the day of Brett’s birth

Brett’s dick is swallowed, suckled, and buried to the balls
Smothered in the buttery softness of Mom’s quivering cunt walls
His face is sweaty, rivulets dripping on Mom’s Playmate tits
His great bone and crème-covered cock rubbing against her clit.
Up and down, she bobs her Playmate ass up off hubby’s bed
A sweet, rising, raucous tingle in her pussy races to her head
Patti screams and trembles, tightening her tingling pussy walls
A PMOY Mother is creaming, soaking her Son’s cock and balls

She caught his tongue between her lips and held it there
While hips moved up to engulf young cock in her taboo lair
Her breasts were like warm, soft, sweet melons beneath him
His balls broiled with sperm of incest primed to swim
Son stayed on top of her and he quickened up the pace
While Mother began moaning, “give it to me now,” to his face
Her slippery lips glided up and down his throbbing member
Moving hips faster and faster, a taboo fuck to remember

Bobbing his ass up and down, Son pumped on top of Mother
He was going to make Patti cream again, like no other
Now she ground it hard and deep; she knew he would squirt soon
She made him bottom out, taking Son’s cock into her womb
Mom’s long legs came down and wrapped so tightly around him
As Son thrust his throbbing cock deep into hot, buttery quim
Patti’s long legs helped him impale her own matronly crack
Just as Brett muttered, “I’m gonna cum!!,” his eyes rolling back

Then Patti rocked her hips, like all good Playmates do
Making him gasp, “Oh, Mom! I’m gonna cum inside you!!”
Wailing and moaning, Patti felt the hot seed flooding her quim
Torrents of her Son’s hot cum filling her pussy to the brim
Since that PMOY mother made her Son happy between her legs
She could feel her pussy full of sperm, swimming to her eggs.
Mom told him his baby-making cum would blow up her belly
That made his cock rock hard and tummy turn to jelly

“My tits will get big with milk for your child, little brother or sister”
Son rolled back on top of Mother; he couldn’t resist her
Again his cock stretched her lips, the tip popped into her womb
A rush of cum boiling up Son’s shaft, the head started to balloon
When Patti’s cunt began to cream, her pussy lips to quiver
He drenched Mom and unborn with waves of hot cum like a river

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Hot Mom Son Love

Jesus. This is HOT. Really HOT. Is "mom" Patti McGuire? She was a PMOY way, way back in the day. And she was way, way sexy hot. But whoever this "PMOY mom" is, I wish I was her son. I mean, this is somemore...

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