tagNon-Erotic PoetryPoems without Names (Part 2)

Poems without Names (Part 2)


(More mad ramblings of a sad time I hope someone enjoys them.)

A shadow within a
shadow is lost within the
darkness of the larger.
Yet a light within a
light makes only a
greater light.

I have no name
yet all know me
in any guise.
I have no place
yet all come to
I have no sight
yet I have seen
more than any other.
What am I?

Tears in rain, a
lost place of nothing
An eternity of silence
All things lost,
yet all to be found

How is this a place
of salvation when none
here wish for more. I
would walk through fire
for the sake of a lady
While others raise their
hands in rage

Dark are the shadows
at the eves of the
great forest and swift
cold runs the forest stream
Befoul not the waters
for you never know
just what the shadows
might hold.

You’re afraid? What is it you
fear? Life? Death? You fear
The unknown and the known.

The young have no fear
of death. Its life they
The old have the measure
of life it holds no terror
for them, yet death
is now their nemesis?
Is anyone ever totally

Crying and laughter
Life and death
Love and…
Is there ever an answer?

Dark shadows in midnight
Tears in the rain
Rainbows of color to
Be seen by none.

Am I lost beyond
dark or light
or am I hiding in
endless night/
Sweet scents
lavender and rose
A woman’s hair
weeping prose
Crying eyes
see the world
Through a veil
or sorrow.

Cry not at the
dying of the
Weep for it
joy in life.

Why can I not find
the light so far from
my weary eyes so near
to my broken heart?

A falcon’s cry
A child’s laughter
A woman’s passion
Sounds beyond telling
that all shall hear
Yet few ever remember

Ever deeper, ever darker
Ever darker, ever deeper
Caverns lost to the light.
spirals that turn
and twist and writhe
When bound. A strange
Wonderful thing is love
It ties your heart in steel bands
and shreds it like paper

ALONE…. if you screamed
It loud enough you wouldn’t

In smoke filled haze is
passion born
The dark delight to love
is torn
With willow tears
and angels wings
on harp strings shall
my love sing.
Without loss there
is no gain, till frozen
tears melt into bitter rain.
Beyond shadows
in dark twilight
terror fills a silent
Fear not the dark
my hearts mistress
by my love’s shield
I shall hold the night to bay
and forever less be
terror fey.

(As is plain to see from what I was writing then I was a candidate for a psycho ward. But I’m feeling much better now…. giggle)


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