I watch you lie close to death
Your countenance grey, your hands pale
A machine breathes your breath
Your body lies apathetic
Your existence is barely salvaged
Enduring moment by moment
I wear tearless eyes and unmoving lips
My heart erects an iron citadel
And burns contained by a turbulent angst
I cannot face, I cannot weep
For you might shortly leave
Thinking you've been given up on
Night passes and I ought to go home
The outlook is chillingly eerie
Everything is as it was when you fled
The worst of all is seeing the wreckage
Black distorted metal
As cold an broken as your pallid appearance
Hours march unhurriedly as you lie
scarcely breathing, barely there
What you think and what you feel
While you bravely struggle to survive
I cannot stomach or dare to envisage
powerless my heart, so powerless, me
They can do no more. And I can do nothing, nothing at all

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