tagErotic PoetryPrim and Prissy Missy P

Prim and Prissy Missy P


Prim and Prissy Missy P
works as my old secretary
A single frigid sad old maid
Who I think was never laid.

Although her work was never poor
I always wanted something more
Something sexy, something nice
And Missy P did not suffice
Too much a prude, she was not right
To meet my sexual appetite.

Indeed, her prudish nature meant
That other staff read her intent
As spiteful comments on their ways
In sexually enlightened days.
And many girls reduced to tears
by words from her to their young ears.

And so I dreamed a wicked plan
(I'm such a nasty nasty man)
If she would not suck off the boss
Her job would be her sorry loss.

I told her she was on the list
of people who would be dismissed
And I knew when I heard her plead
for me to kindly intercede
That without the slightest doubt
my wicked plan was playing out

I said that I could say a word
I thought that I could make it heard
And make the powers that be take note
All that I wanted was her throat
and mouth to open just so wide
to take my swollen cock inside
Ideally, I said, so far in
to rest my balls upon her chin

And just to show her what I meant
I undid my trouser's tent
Caused by my penis tight confined
But stiff through what I had in mind
Through my perverted thoughts it grew
Large, smelly, nasty in her view
It gave her the most awful shock
to see my stiff and ready cock

She said that it just made her sick
the thought of sucking on my dick
there was a tremor in her voice
I said to her she had the choice
She did not have to suck my knob
except, perhaps, to keep her job

I told her truly at her age
She'd find it hard to match her wage
But her choice, should she so care
To keep her pride and look elsewhere

For my part, I would have to hunt
To find a willing mouth and cunt
But I was sure that I could find
A fresh young slut who would not mind
her boss to fuck her cunt or face
to get employment in her place

Her face turned pale, I guess she knew
that everything I said was true
I watched her, feeling her unease,
stroking my cock and feeling pleased.

I knew that she did not approve
but she was too far shocked to move
before I'd moved across to place
my slimy cockhead in her face

Time for her to make her choice
She spoke with an unsteady voice:

'You are a sick and nasty man
to abuse me with this plan.
But though it fills me with disgust
I'll suck it if you say I must
But first, you bastard, promise me
That I will stay your secretary.'

I promised and I smiled, I knew
she hated what she had to do
Her resignation to her fate
Really made me feel quite great
as with a motion of my hips
I slipped my cock between her lips

No expert sucking cock was she
But it was good enough for me
I guessed she'd never had a fuck
and I enjoyed a virgin suck.

And when I felt my spend was near
I held her head behind each ear
And thrusting hard into her throat
I felt my spunk release and float
Hot and creamy, slick and crude
down where she'd only taken food

'Swallow it all, bitch!' I said
And held by force her twisting head
So not one drop would go to waste
Of my salty semen's taste

She struggled and she tried to retch
But I held firm and stooped to fetch
A handful of her covered breast
And squeezed it roughly through her dress

She wriggled, tried to get away,
But I had done my cruel play
So let her pull back from my prick
coughing cum and being sick

She looked pathetic lying there
I wiped my cock upon her hair
and for a nasty last surprise
reaching down between her thighs
as a perverted last affront
I pushed my finger up her cunt
That really made her cry in shock
but one day soon, she'll get my cock.

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