Prose Poem


I was reading the dictionary. I thought it was a poem about everything. - Steven Wright
Constantly fusing and confusing the banal and the bizarre -blurb

AKA 4000

A conjoined pair of twins walked into my bar with one pair of pantyhose pulled over their faces and announce "This is a stick up"

Now i have to ask to whom do I hand the money to?

Another time, another face, the coiffed king paced in his mirrored place in a time of no bread and guillotines. Things reflect bad, back on me. How could get it any worse?

As I pace, peering though poet's eyes at a race between the grotesque and grandiose, but Where is the gobbledygook?

So Fuck Daddy G muses "How come there's no black mimes? What the world needs is rapper kings doing pantomime."

"Really?" I ask, incredulous "How you gonna do 'ho'in mime?"

(sound of pantomime)

"Sorry I asked" with a deadpan start, I know things just get worse, they always do. I dread this next part...

"Lawyers!" Dick Cheney breaks in " If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck..."

"You have to be careful how you translate these things," I interject " someone in Meiheko might object..."

"Fuck you, now where are the twins?"

"Duck!' I say, as Cheney cuts loose with a shot gun blast, that breaks a few mirrors and wings the king.

"I hate the man." Fuck Daddy grabs his 45 "The man just ain't got heart."

"Yes he does. He's got mine, and I'm getting it back." as I rose with a surgical knife; but the twin sisters, Russians from Chernobyl, popped in and burped with Kalashnikovs.

There were no surviours, and I never felt so alone, far from home and cold in my life.

In-gen-u-us! Prose poetry. Now, so how much does it pay?

Authours Comment:As best as I can tell, this has no real metaphors, no ambiguity, two major tools poets use for er, coding. The sentences are denotative, outside of some minor play they do note connote, there forth this is prose. Poetry, it does use some of the tools, and if I had to, I could make a case that the "message" is presented in a non literal way, and it alludes to a certain thread. Other than that it is presented merely for amusement, if it pisses a few people off, good! It did not take long to write.

to tod - do you see this mess, note how I tie this shit together.

to the anon asshole - did you like the alone, far from home and cold? I put it in just for you. I am telling you upfront, if this owes, it owes to Tarantino and Steven Wright. Make the most of it.

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