tagNon-Erotic PoetryPsychic Yoga!

Psychic Yoga!


There are 4 Basic Yogas--
  or Yogic Paths !
Bhakti Yoga ---
  Devotional Worship!
Humility & Love --
  Jnana Yoga ----
Philosophy , Knowledge !
  Realization ..Nirvana ..
Karma Yoga ----
  the Path of the Worker !
Good Deeds , Good Actions ...
  Service to God the Downtrodden !
& Last but not Least
  Raja Yoga the
Psychic Path where
  Serpentine Infinite Energy
--the Kundalini arises up Thy Spine !!
  The Semen which you normally shoot
in excitement into hand or Yoni/Pussy
  Shoots up the spine ,transparent
clear pre-cum may dribble down the
  Phallic Barrel but harmlessly the waste
bubbles forth but the White ,thick Cum
  is transformed into Eternal Kundalini
the Immortal Serpent that resides @
  your Moola dhara chakra @ base of the
Spine !! the deep Psychic Channel
  Shushumna awakes & is cleared of the flotsam
of a thousand useless jerk-offs or intercourse!
  but the correct Pranayama excercise
entraps the breath ; the correct Mool Mantra
  entraps the flighty , flirty imagination!
the correct muscular squeeze --Root Locked
  Moola Bandha launches the meagre pleasure
of sex into the Infinite Eroticism of Transcendence --Om Shantih Om !!
    the Bliss , Sheer Erotic Thick Phallus
totally willed to stay Chaste Erects &
   shoots Not out ,But Inwards ever & ever
eternally Erect , Blissful , Chaste!!!
  as Kundalini enters Centre-Point
High in the Head ,1000 petalled Lotus
     of Consciousness Blooms Forth --
the Universe Explodes in Expanded Consciousness
   Awareness -Bliss --OHHH what BLISSSS !!
what is TTHISSSS !!

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