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Question Askers

bySolar Dragon©

When the Soul touches the unborn child that child is born as a question asker.
A seeker of the touch that he or she felt in his mothers womb.
They want to know what it was that was felt ...what touched them.
All children are questions askers but harsh reality beats the Soul everyday.
In some the Soul sustains itself through the torture.
Over time wisdom is built in some and a foundation is laid.
Now the child is an adult and free to use answers he gained from questions.
A person enriched like this opens closets full of skeletons and spirits....not to hurt humanity but to help it.
You see from many questions asked a certain truth is learned.
The skeletons and spirits are overloading the closet and a door is about to explode open with dire consequences.
This doesn t have to be if one can open the door and introduce hidden horrors gently and with wisdom.
Two worlds do not have to collide but can come together as gently as day turning to night.....and a knowledge that day will come again and the night does not have to be filled with panic and fear.
Only the questions askers can bring about that order.

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