tagNon-Erotic PoetryQuestions and Maybe An Outcome

Questions and Maybe An Outcome

bySolar Dragon©

If people had one last choice on how to live with life what would we choose?
Would we choose to control with a heavy hand or would we choose gentleness to create harmony?
Does life give us an option of choosing both to be used with wisdom or must all things eventually reach a totality?
Has anyone ever reached such wisdom as when to use either?
Has there ever been anyone who lived with just one……the gentle or heavy hand?
If anyone ever has then why is there still so much pain, suffering and death in the world?
If the balance of a heavy hand and gentleness ever existed then why isn’t that knowledge bringing paradise for all?
Shouldn’t such powerful knowledge spread to enlighten all?
Maybe one day pain can be turned into pleasure…..suffering into ecstasy and death into eternal life.
A race of empowered giants that never scream or cry and are not afraid of the ultimate journey.

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