tagErotic PoetryRain's Passion

Rain's Passion


As the two of us undress in
front of smoky, gray skies I
feel such a warm anticipation
tingling between my thighs.
He takes a hold of my hand
and leads me into the lush,
green wood,
then he pulls me so close
to him just like I knew he would.
He gazes deeply into
my eyes as he caresses the side
of my face so gently.
I can see his love for
me reflected in his eyes
so clearly.
The rain begins to fall
down in a soft mist.
He places his lips on
mine and we start to
I feel his fingertips trailing
down my bare skin,
the sensation lights my fires
of passion deep within.
The rain begins to fall down
more heavily,
drops slither down our
bodies more steadily.
His fingers tangle in
my wet hair.
Oh, is this fantasy
or is this real?
He takes me down;
to the ground.
As our bodies intermesh
I feel soft, moist blades
of grass caress my bare flesh.
Our lips meet in a
passionate, luscious kiss,
in this present moment
I feel such exhilarating bliss.

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