[12:28 AM]: seeing you Is definative to describe the sudden emotion of Love youre so fucking BEAUTIFUL i want to cry

[11:45 PM]: alright, sara. i'm sorry if i cause you pain.

[12:23 AM]: youre beauTIFUL

[1:23 AM]: you
[1:23 AM]: are
[1:23 AM]: absolutely
[1:23 AM]: adorable
[1:23 AM]: >_<
heart [1:28 AM]: thanks
[1:28 AM]: *hands you a lollipop*
[1:28 AM]: welcome.
heart [1:28 AM]: a lollipop...nice...wtf are you?
[1:28 AM]: lolol
[1:29 AM]: if you guess my fav flavor
[1:29 AM]: i'll tell you
heart [1:29 AM]: cherry
[1:29 AM]: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[1:29 AM]: *faints*
[1:30 AM]: you've done this before...

[12:32 AM]: yes im sure you have an egotistical way that you view yourself and a way of Thinking in your own mind of how you may appear to people But truly Im a guy i Know When alot of guys look at you They suddenly feel as if they Love you because its human nature for us guys to Love women that are so damn beautiful OK

I wonder how strangers can become so enamored by a girl like me. I wonder why I allow myself to be consumed with this...nonexistent, airborne, telephone line, cable connected, wireless, satellite, AO drama, egotistical, pathetic, sad, boring, mean, cruel, kinda Internet, kinda dead, kinda ghostly, kinda life. Even in writing this I know the answers in my head. The end.

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