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Razorblade Conversations


I know you've been watching, waiting
Just biding your time
I know because I've been taunting, teasing
Attempting to catch your eye
Craving your cruel attentions
Aching for the knife
That will cut my inhibition away

Taunt and tease you may
And claim to crave my cruel attentions
I cannot tell you how many times
I've heard and seen these things;
At least of course,
Until they are wrapped in my sadistic embrace

I don't care what you've heard or the things you've seen
Fold me inside your sadistic dreams
I must know the pleasure
Of Being Bound and exposed to your blades
Flay me open, rip flesh from bone
Abuse me, break me
Tear me limb from limb

It's been such a long time,
Since I've heard such a passionate request
That I find my pulse racing
Just thinking about the joy of this encounter
Thinking about your tender flesh
As it parts for my favorite blade
Oh how it gleams off the candle light
Oh how she screams as I cut deeper and deeper

It's no longer a request
But a frantic demand
Stop thinking and take me
Fill the longing, sate the famine that burns
So restlessly at my core
Whittle yourself into pale, pliant flesh
Until I'm writhing and wanton
And the struggle in me may cease

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