tagErotic Poetryrecline in my touch

recline in my touch

bydark stranger©

please do lay back
and just hold your breath
for moments

let me unzip the wetness of your slit
of your candy cunt slot
let my tongue dive in the pool
of your nether treasure

let my eyes nurse the ends
of your nipple cocks that rise
let my hands dial them
to sinful channels

let me pull their pucker
til they are engorged
and weeping their color
for me to suck hard to bruise

let me mark your thighs
with my hands as I spread them
like warm butter on my cock blade
feel them tremble in my hands

as I turn you in my eye sun
and perch your round ass there
like a flower with petals closed
then part you open firmly

feel my tongue in your valley
lapping from slit to end
between your cheeks feel my breath
up over your back feel my tongue

let me take your bitch wet
with my hound lusting
kneel in submission for my thrusts
let me be concussion from behind

grinding your womb edges smooth
with the veined embossing of my pricking
feel my nudging of your belly inside
my undulation in your deepest damp

feel your wound leak and cry
as your cum bathes my balls
as the wet fuck sounds of our orgy
plays music on your opening

feel my cream gush to your gully
as it froths your tunnel depths
feel it pry you full of heat
til your moans are banshee pierced

let me hold your wrists captive
and pierce your plunge place
let me capture your rapture pains
til you beg for my darkest demands

tremble with me...shudder with me
let your cum be my breakfast
when you rise from your night
feed me your residue that runs thick

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