tagErotic PoetryRed Square

Red Square


You met me in Las Vegas
I was on business
You were not
We had dinner at the Red Square
Thick red drapes, large chandeliers, opulent paintings
Lenin's beheaded statue outside the restaurant
You made me eat caviar
I made faces
"Too salty", I said
You smiled
We drank vodka
Lots of vodka
As we sat at the booth
In the back
Your hand resting on my knee
Slowly sliding up my inner thigh
Fingering my wet pussy
You asked if I wanted to go into the Vodka room
"Oh, no, it's terribly expensive", I replied
You smiled
Your fingers tickling my pussy
Flicking at my clit
You slid out of the booth
Held out your hand to help me stand
And escorted me to the front of the restaurant
The Vodka Room
A velvet rope marking the entrance
The sommelier standing guard
"Wait here," you instructed
As you walked up to the sommelier
You whispered something in his ear
And turned back to look at me
My eyes immediately looked down
The sommelier nodded in agreement
You shook his hand
You smiled
The velvet rope was removed
"You may enter" the sommelier instructed
In the anteroom, a rack of coats
Gorgeous, soft mink coats
All sizes
All colors
You chose a white mink coat for me
Held it for me as I put it on
I wrapped my arms around myself
Never having felt such softness
You chose a dark mink coat for you
You looked noble
I stroked your chest
Over and over
Feeling the mink coat
On your body
Having chosen our coats
The sommelier entered the anteroom
Carrying a silver tray of vodka shots
He opened the Vodka Room door
A blast of cold air hit our faces
We followed him inside
He placed the silver tray down on a small shelf
And as he turned said "fifteen minutes"
You nodded
As he locked the door
The Vodka Room
Bitter Cold
Floor to ceiling shelves
Holding vodka
A thick coating of ice crystals
Covered the glass walls
Masking the restaurant interior
Creating eerie shadows
In the center of the room
Encased in glass
Lenin's head
Our breath created clouds
That sprinkled down ice
As we sipped the vodka
Staring at each other
You lifted me up
Placed me on the glass box
Holding Lenin's head
Pulling the mink coat up
Pulling my dress up
So my bare ass
So my bare pussy
Sat on the cold frozen glass
I screamed
You spread my knees apart
Forcing my legs wide
As you trickled vodka
Down my pussy
Onto the glass box
You bent down
Licking the vodka from my pussy
My back arched in delight
Your tongue circling my clit
Lapping the vodka from around my pussy
Your tongue deep into me
Fucking my pussy
With your tongue
I moaned in pleasure
Sitting on Lenin's head
In the frozen glass box
You instructed me to roll over
Lay on my stomach
You pulled my dress up
My tits on the frozen box
I gasped
You pulled me close to you
Bending me down over the box
You pulled the mink coat over my head
My ass red from sitting on the frozen box
You smacked my ass with your hand
Hard on each cheek
Slapping my ass
Stinging my ass
I screamed out
My cries muffled into the coat
Over my head
You held my hips
Forcing my legs apart
As I felt the cold vodka
Being poured down my ass cheek
Cold vodka
The consistency of syrup
Thick cold
Between my ass
Down my crack
Into my asshole
Your warm cock
Pressing against my ass
Your thumbs pressing my ass
Squeezing my ass
The vodka dripping into my asshole
As you shoved your cock deep inside
Slowly inching into me
As I lay on the frozen glass box
Holding Lenin's head
You slowly fucked my ass
Enjoying every stroke
Slowly in and out
My ass gripping your hard cock
Squeezing your cock hard
With each thrust
Deep inside me
Our breath creating clouds
In the Vodka Room
Fucking slowly
My ass burning from the vodka
My ass burning from your cock
My tits burning from the coldness
You fucked me
Enjoying it
The mink coat muffling my screams
Your thrusts harder
Into my ass
As my tits rubbed against the glass
Your hands digging into my hips
Pulling my hips toward you with each thrust
Against the frozen glass box
Holding Lenin's head
You fucked me
I screamed
You smiled

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