As I see you standing there,
My heart skips a beat.
I ask myself a hundred times,
"Would he remember me?"

Sitting upon a stone bench, under a willow tree,
I watch you from afar, not daring to move.
Both of us had loved coming to this park,
When we were so much in love,

I bow my head, as a tear runs down my cheek,
You walk by with your new lady,
Her, holding you so tightly,
As you smile down at her with affection.

I sit, frozen, as you walk by our special tree,
Where our initials were carved long ago,
I suck in a breath of shock, you stood there
As your fingers traced over the initials,
While your new lady looked elsewhere.

A look of remembered tenderness,
Appear into your beautiful dark eyes.
Your soul tells me plainly,
That you do remember me.

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