Sit thee back upon the chair,
Legs apart there o'er the arms,
As I kneel in wonder there,
At the beauty of your charms.

Look on me with burning eyes,
Anticipate that moment--yess!
Let me kiss your inner thighs;
Feel my slithering tongue's caress.

Let me feel you move your hips,
Losing yourself in carnal bliss,
While I delve between your lips
With a hungry, searching kiss.

Let me feel you gasp and place
Your hands upon, and grasp my hair,
As you feel my buried face,
Loving you with tender care.

Move your hips now, squirm and buck,
Place civility far away--
While I kiss and lick and suck
And hum, and take you all the way.

Close your eyes, and let it go;
Let sensation's sudden surge
Make your nectar start to flow,
Give in to your erotic urge...

My hungry mouth will not relent
Until I hear you gasp and cry,
legs around me wrapped, and spent,
Offering a contented sigh...

Then I'll rise, erect, and standing,
Showing you, with masculine pride,
Manhood that's erect, demanding,
Wanting to fill you, deep inside.

Shudder as you feel and please me
Sliding home between your lips;
Grip me, hold me, love me, squeeze me
In your perfect wanton hips.

Let our hearts be undivided,
Let our rhythyms rock, and roll,
As our bodies are united,
Heart to heart, and soul to soul.

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