tagErotic PoetryRiding My Raging Storm

Riding My Raging Storm


Sitting under an ancient oak tree,
My dark green eyes are closed, and my soul is turbulent.
I allow the soft midnight rain to gently wash over me,
As my frustrated tears merge with the tears of heaven.

Dark auburn hair, cascades down my shoulders,
As I kick off my white sandals, and stockings.
I allow the rain to pour onto my white sundress,
My curvy body arches with the rain, plastering my dress to my skin.

My hands run down my silken body, tracing my contours,
Raindrops coating my young skin, as I part my lips to capture the drops.
Full young breasts thrust up, as my hands cup them, allowing the rain's caress.
My energy knows no bounds, I vent out against the rain until it stops.

I am tired of being angry,
I am tired of being hurt,
I am tired of crying,
Offering up my body to a midnight rain, will release my pent up energy.

I allow my spirit to run its course...
I cry....then I get angry....then I am enraged..then I am aroused..
My eyes fill with momentary tears,
As my temper runs its course, side by side with the storm outside.

I slump back against the ancient oak,
My energy and feelings spent,
I am enraged no more, yet my passionate nature will burn forever,
My spirit is renewed, envigored, I sleep for now, as I keep my pride.

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