tagErotic PoetryRough sex!

Rough sex!


This wont be about love, romance, poetry, or the meaning behind colored roses,
It's more about, handcuffs, restraints, putting that ass in different kinds of poses,
So put the flowers away and lets break out the masks, the whips, and the chains,
Think you came here prepared for pleasure? First, how's your tolerance for pains?
Your first step inside the door, you noticed that the whole house is dark and hot,
I DEMAND you come close, grab your hair, but compliment the clothes you bought,
"Shut the fuck up Bitch!", when you go to thank me. You like it, but pretend you don't,
I ORDER you to remove your clothing, you hesitate, knowing what I'll do if you wont,
I pull tighter on your hair, I grab your blouse and it begins to rip, not caring if it tears,
Now I'm grabbing at your skirt, "Shame to rip it, but I guess nobody fucking cares",
"You fucking DISOBEY me again and this shit will only get worse, you hear me slut?"
You let out "yes Sir", I congratulate you with a nice hard and firm slap to your butt,
"Good girl" I whisper, and COMMAND you to finish, with another smack on that ass,
you remove your bra, but keep MY pussy in panties, knowing that shit wont pass,
I grab your neck this time, reminding you that I wont hesitate to put you in place,
Your insides are hot with passion, but you only let me read the anger in your face,
I bring you closer, kiss you passionately, and remove your overly soaked thong,
"To the bed NOW!" you comply, "see how easy things go when you play along",
At this point you can't even tell if you're shaking from the excitement or the fear,
I rip my clothes off, approach you aggressively, but gently whisper in your ear,
"Forget leaving in the morning, nothing is stopping our fucking, not even the light"
"I want you now, no more games bitch, that pussy is mine for the rest of the night",
My dick getting harder by the second, you stay not taking your eyes off my meat,
You ask me "when will it start", "Patience slut, I haven't even had anything to eat"
I grab your legs and yank them apart, my face buried in between your warm thighs,
My tongue so deep in MY pussy, you don't even thank me but the man in the sky,
I taste every inch of your pleasure, sending chills up and down your body and spine,
Want the ending to this fantasy, then let me know you want your pussy to be mine!!

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