Sad Sunrise


Don’t look over your shoulder
I couldn’t get any bolder
Why are you running so fast?
You tell me it can never last
and I asked you in the night
haven’t I seen you here before?
Looks like a brand new situation
but we never closed the door

Walk into my arms and close your eyes
Baby, don’t you see the sad sunrise?

Sad sunrise, tears in its eyes
Rising so slow behind a grey shadow
Seem like we’ve been here before
Beneath a sad sunrise

Couldn’t seem to find you anywhere
Oh, hon, we know life aint fair
We’re drowning in our fears
Frightened by the tears
Saw the full moon tonight
It made my blood run cold
Its a crazy situation
And this game is getting old

It can’t be a surpsise
to turn around
and see the sad sunrise.

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