tagErotic PoetrySaga Of My Delicious Mom!

Saga Of My Delicious Mom!

byUncle Pervey©

In "honor" of a perfect Lady!

I found out one time as I shook,
The dew drops from when I peed.
What a wonderful toy I'd found,
And it felt so good to me!

Later on when I went to bed,
I played around with it some!
And before I knew what happened,
It shot out a stream of cum!

At first I didn't realize,
Or notice what made it grow.
And then I saw Mom's naked ass,
My cock's hardness let me know.

She was naked in her bedroom,
She'd bathed cause it was night.
From my bed I looked through her door,
It was such a wondrous sight!

She got down on her hands and knees,
Searching for something she'd dropped.
I got a glimpse of her asshole,
It damn near made my heart stop!

Mom was taking her time and I,
Squeezed my hand tight and I jacked.
I squeezed it tight and pumped it good,
With my eyes glued on her crack.

When Mom leaned back her cheeks spread wide,
Giving me a better view.
Of her beautiful sweet asshole,
My cock jerked and then it spewed!

I must have groaned just loud enough,
Mama looked back and grinned.
"I knew you were eyeing my ass,
Do you want to look again?"

"Oh yes dear Mama," was my cry,
As I scrambled out of bed.
"Then come inside my room with me,"
Is what my sweet Mama said.

"I'll lay down on the bed and you,
Can have you a closer look!
And I'll let you spread my cheeks wide,
You can read it like a book!"

She laid down on her bed and then,
I moved up and spread her buns.
The pure perfection of her hole,
Made me want to cum and cum!

"Oh Mama Dear" my breath was short,
Would you let me kiss it please?"
She said "Oh yes you silly man,"
And Mama got on her knees.

My cock grew hard my heart had stopped,
At such a glorious sight!
My Mama's ass was thrust way out,
Her Rose-Bud shining bright!

I kneeled behind her perfect ass,
And leaned forward to her buns.
I kissed her pretty sweet asshole,
And slid inside with my tongue!

"Oh Baby! Yes! It feels so good!"
My Mama sighed soft and low.
"Yes, oh Baby! Stick it in deep!
Please tongue fuck my hot asshole!"

I really needed no urging,
My tongue was moving so fast!
I felt her pussy heating up,
I felt her cumming at last.

My Mama's body and her mind,
Were laying there dazed and spent.
I knew that might have been the first,
Of many more love events!

I made my Mama's pussy cum,
From eating her sweet asshole.
I used my tongue inside her ass,
I made her pussy juice flow.

As she was laying worn and spent,
With her fevered brain aglow.
I sucked and slurped her pussy out,
And swallowed her cum real slow.

She was moaning "Oh Johnny Dear,
You know how to eat me right!"
She moaned and groaned and then she gasped,
"I'll give you more good things tonight!"

She said "I know your cock is hard,
But you don't know what to do,
Move up behind me closer now.
Pick a hole to shove into!"

I did just what my Mama said,
I snuggled up close to her.
My hard cock lined up perfect with,
Her wet pussy "Oh so dear!"

I pushed my cock inside and felt,
Very much to my surprise.
A warm and silky moistness there,
Gave my cock a wondrous prize!

I fucked her pussy moving slow,
Loving the tingle feeling.
I loved the way Mom moved her hips,
Then she began to squealing!

"Oh Baby! Oh! Oh!" Was her gasp,
I think, that I, am cumming!"
She jerked her body and cried out,
"And I'm not just, a funning!"

About this time my cock swelled up,
And started squirting it's load!
It jumped and jerked and blew out cum,
All over it's dark abode!

"Oh Mama! Sweet Mama!" I cried,
"I'm cumming, inside, of you!"
"Oh sweet Baby!" She answered back,
"Don't give up yet! We're not through!"

But I collapsed, my cock grew soft,
"I'm so worn out," I just moaned.
But Mama wasn't finished yet,
She began to suck my bone.

My cock grew hard and inflamed then,
My Mama got to her knees.
And offered me her tight asshole,
To let me do as I pleased.

By now my lusting eyes were on,
Her delicious perfect bum!
I fucked her sweet ass all night long,
I filled her sweet ass with cum.

And when the morning finally came,
We both felt oh so grand!
She was my sweet delicious "Mom,"
And I was her "Darling man!!"

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