tagErotic PoetrySailing The High Seas

Sailing The High Seas

bySmiling Eyes©

Soft background music,

Crackling in the fireplace

Vanilla candles flicker shadows

that dance amongst aromatic scents.

Two people sharing this atmospheric mood

with Champagne on ice, and two fluted crystal goblets.

Your hand reaches out and with a low seductive voice, you ask,

"May I have this dance?"

yes…. runs from my mouth.. like the wax

down the candles.

Your arms embrace me; your lips brush my cheek,

while your hands run up and down my spine then firmly grip my buttocks, pulling me closer, touching mounds.

Our lips meet, tongues twirling, you hastily reveal my breasts

your thumbs brushing over my nipples,

teeth nibbling at their stems, tongue circling, teasing, suckling

they now stand to attention.

My knees start to buckle, your strong arms support, lift me up, lay me down with ease, in front of the flaming fire, and you slowly remove my clothing.

Your tongue runs down my belly, and over my mound. Sails between bow and stern, anchoring on my sensitive button, swallowing my sea.

You find my hidden treasure, and my hands push your head closer,

Pure ecstasy escapes my lips, as you lap at my milky current.

My head moves to and fro, hips rising with the tide, as your tongue sails in and out. Orgasmic flows fill your mouth; your eager lips sip my sweet savory wine.

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