I never know when it will happen
Or why
In the middle of a putt or sitting on the John
You arrive
On a walk on the beach at sunset
I hear you
In the surf that crashes at my feet
I am transported
Back to a Virginia spring field full of flowers
With you
Laying in the sun on a snow white soft blanket
As I painted you and the landscape in oils
Breathless concentration
Broken only by the scent of your arousal
On the breeze
And the knowing that I would have you soon
The certainty
That marks such youthful love affairs
That this moment will quickly pass followed
By eternity
Enduring despite the accumulation of new realities
And loves
Coming to me again in middle age as I lie
In the middle of the night or on the drive to work
Your smile
As you open to me and spread your legs
Calling me silently with your eyes
Blue and glistening
As I undress and cast my shadow over you
Your arms
Pull me into your heart tightly kissing my neck
Entering you
Falling deep into your soul as we capture the sun
The painting near my bed captures our youth
A voice
Through the years calling me to you wistfully
A single blond hair held by the paint for eternity
An accident?
Wind blowing the canvass over us as we came
Holding the only evidence I have of your existence

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