tagErotic PoetrySaturday Night

Saturday Night


she sits by the fireplace
cozy warm
quiet and content
immersed in a book
away from it all

i gaze at her body
still sexy
still attractive
still beckoning
after 20 years

the house is quiet
save for a chirping bird
it's snowing outside
the wine warms
what the logs can't

red panties peek
from beneath her tee shirt
exciting my loins
as my smile emerges
cause it's Saturday Night

it has become a tradition
on this weekend night
my craving to be satisfied
a special time and soon
i turn down the light

she's always loved it
not always, but especially
when the mood strikes
when the need arises
and on Saturday Night

she looks up and smiles
she sees me squirming
she knows
"It's time," she laughs
setting down the book

she crawls across the rug
slowly, I know
stopping at my feet
she looks into my eyes
i am in for a treat

she reaches up
and upzips my pants
smiling up at me
reaching inside
teasing all the while

my cock springs into view
in front of her face
hardening by the second
extending to full length
as my pants are dropped

she licks her lips
smiles once more
slips my cock toward wetness
toward her face
and licks all over the tip

her moist mouth

for 20 years
give or take a week
she's performed
her mouth magic
her gentle loving

she does it with style
and sometimes with grace
sometimes real dirty
rubbing it on her face

she has perfected the art
of giving great head
of sucking a cock
of satisfying her man
without being led

she sucks on the tip
then down the shaft
nibbling the underside
bobbing her head
lovingly fore and aft

the pressure increases
my cock and her mouth
interact as one
bound together as she
sloppily sucks

i can't imagine
saturday night
without her mouth
without her enthusiasm
without her blowjobs

some men complain
that their wife neglects
their wanting cocks
they have to beg
they bargain

on the other hand I
am the lucky one
my loving woman
my sweet wife
enjoys giving head

that's not to brag
it's not to gloat
it's not to embarass
i merely am thinking
how lucky i am

my body starts to rock
gently in and out
of her loving mouth
nerves tingling
waiting, anticipating

she knows she has me
under total control
under her thumb
my cock in her mouth
mushrooming, throbbing

she removes her head
and looks into my eyes
a look of love
she licks the pre-cum
she smiles, sighs

she knows it's time
to complete the act
to polish my knob
to suck my dick
to eat my cock

i explode in her mouth
and on her face
on the tee shirt

exhaused i lean back
she still on her knees
sucking my shrinking dick
cleaning my cock, swallowing
a smile creeping onto her face

it's Saturday Night
the best night of the week
I'm so lucky
my honey the supersucker
she performs and makes me weak

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