we stumble to the door
i pause a moment
holding it open,
you come up and kiss me passionately
pinching my ass as i turn
you look up, past my boots
past my fishnet thigh highs
my pussy clearly visible
under my micro-mini skirt as i climb the stairs
i reach the top just a moment before you
and you lift me up
carrying me to one of the dining room chairs
you set me down, spreading my thighs with your hands
you kneel down, and without any warning
slide a finger inside me
i'm already dripping wet
planning on making love you you
and waiting for hours for it by now
you start sliding your finger in and out of me
leaning forward you press your lips against my pussy
and start to manipulate my clit with your tongue
i'm moaning now, in a state of semi-sobriety, semi-drunkeness
i'm trying to push my pussy harder into your mouth
trying to make you move your fingers faster
i lift my skirt so i can watch you better
so i can see your tongue as it flicks back and forth against me
so i can watch your fingers, your lips, your eyes
i'm begging you now, to fuck me
i can see your cock getting harder,
see it pressing against the inside of your pants
you keep going, moving your fingers faster
your tongue faster
until i'm screaming
"god yes, oh my god, don't stop, right there...
please baby, dont' stop, oh my godddd"
i cum on your fingers, you withdraw them,
sticking your tongue inside me
licking every last drop
you stand up and i start to reach forward
trying to reach your belt
instead, you lift me up again
setting me down, my stomach on the chair
as i lay sideways across it
my fingers barely brushing the floor
i hear you unbuckle your belt
hear your pants fall to the floor
and you enter me from behind
you start slamming into me immediately
leaving no time for anticipation
as you've been waiting for it long enough
you hear me screaming "fuck me, harder"
and just as quickly oblige,
"faster baby, i want to feel your cock deep inside my pussy,
"you make me so wet, baby fuck me, harder..."
my words start to get jumbled together
becoming incoherent screams of pleasure
as you slap me hard on the ass
as you fuck me harder than you can remember ever doing before
slamming into me until it hurts, so hard, i can feel every inch of you
fucking me until i scream so loud,
you wonder if even the closed windows will keep the neighbors from hearing
fucking me until tears are streaming down my face
until i cant scream anymore because i can't breath enough to do so
fucking me until you push in and cum deep inside me
until i feel your cock quivering inside me
you hold my hips, pulling them hard against you as you cum
holding me there until you're sure no more will come out of you
then you withdraw, flipping me onto my back, before lifting me up
to kiss me savagely, you tell me you love me
then whisper how you'll take me next time...

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