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Search For My Self


Who am I? What am I? Why am I?
Since I can remember,
These questions have floated
In my mind.
As a child, I aimlessly gazed
At blue skies, watching the clouds,
Searching for answers.

I drifted through the woods...
I climbed the pines, feeling the pitch on my skin,
As I sought strength in the branches.
I smelled the fresh, cool autumn air,
And admired the fire of the trees,
As I strove to understand change.

I sat by rushing streams,
Listening, waiting to hear
The voice of destiny.
I climbed green mountains
And strolled idly by the ocean,
Looking for the meaning of life
In the breezes that soothed
My confused soul.

In wonderment, I gazed at the night skies
And waited for an angel to appear
From behind one of the trillion stars,
An angel that would hold the key
To the door that opened to my future.

Even the woman who brought me into this world
And nurtured me from infancy
Could not help or understand--
Obedience equalled submission;
Individuality equalled rebellion.
The answers I sought
Would DEFINE my individuality
And grant me independence.

Like the baby robin that matures
Then leaves the nest to try its wings
In the blissful FREEDOM of sky,
So I wished to fly.
On my own, I continued my search.
I lay on emerald green grass,
Basking in the warmth of the sun.
Alone, I cried to God at night.

Then one day, I met a man
With eyes as blue as the sky,
That sparkled like the stars,
With a smile that was warm like the sun;
He put his hand in mine
And with voice as soothing as the stream,
And a touch as exhilarating as the ocean breeze,
He showed me the answers;
He taught me to fly.

In his arms, I found the strength
To STAND on my own.
Who would have thought
That a MAN could show me so much
And be mortal....
Or IS he?

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