I feel your fingers
as they slip inside
They rip my panties
pulling them to the side

I lean in to kiss you
my tongue sucking yours
My hand on your cock
As we fall to the floor

Our bodies as one
as my legs slowly spread
My pussy lips begin to tingle
as they kiss your cock head

Your body is warm
Your muscles are tight
I want nothing more
Then to be your whore tonight

Your cock fucks into me
My back gently arches
I kiss you harder and fuck you
Mmmm fuck you in the darkness

The floor is cold
My body is hot
My pussy wants all
Wants all that you got

You pound into me
Your cock forcing its way
My pussy sucks up your shaft
It's wanting to play

Harder and deeper
Your cock bangs my womb
I look up into the darkness
To see a spinning room

I groan and I scream
You growl and you moan
Fucking and pounding
Sending me to that zone

Yes baby, that's it
I shudder and shake
Your cock rocks my pussy
Like an erotic earthquake

Yes, don't quit
I'm cumming
Oh God
I'm cumming, that's it

I flood your cock
My juices wet and sweet
You growl and you groan
Then our climaxes meet

Again we kiss
I feel your cum flooding me
Our tongues fight and they wrestle
As you hover above me

Mmmm, yes Lover
Yes baby, I came
I flooded your dick
I screamed your name

Yes Lover, I love you
I need you, I do
I want you, I want you
Time for Round Two

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