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sex alphabet


"A" is for Anal
which i'm very into
"B" is for the Bondage
which i'll do to you
"C" must be for
loads of Cum
"D" must mean if you don't fuck me
then you are Dumb
"E" is for Everything
that i will try
"F" is for Fucking
a girl or a guy
"G" is for Gangbang
so bring your friends
"H" is for Homosexuals
me they do not offend
"I" is for Innocent
which i can pretend to be
"J" is for Jerking off
which i love to see
"K" is for Kinky
that's how you like me to be
"L" is for the Lingerie
which makes me look so sexy
"M" is for Massage
which i do to my clit
"N" is for Nipples
which i love to have bit
"O" is for Orgy
which i'm always down for
"P" is for Pussy
i always want more
"Q" is for Quickie
but it's still really good
"R" is for Raunchy
and fucking the whole neighborhood
"S" is for Saturated
which is how my panties get
"T" is for Tongue
it's warm and it's wet
"U" is for what's Under my skirt
"V" is for my Vulva
which i rub 'til it hurts
"W" is for Wet dreams
which i make you have a lot
"X" is for X-rated
and keeping it hot
"Y" is for Yearning
which is directed towards you
"Z" is for your Zipper
which i'll gladly undo

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