Sex Ray


(inspired by a Halloween poem from sideshow_cecil)

By the last glow of a coal
Near my sleeping bag roll,
I fell into a darkness complete.
The crickets were quiet
So my brain could buy it
And my dreams grew a generous heat.

Above, in the stars
Pulsed a ship, new from Mars
Whose inhabitants needed mates who could screw.
Descending as it searched
At the treetops, it lurched
When it spied a puptent in its view.

A great beam lit my tent
And I woke up and went
With suspicion to see what I could see.
Quite suddenly, I froze
Then my feet arose
Off the ground to fly heavenly.

The great belly of the craft
Opened up with a draft
And my clothes flew hither and yon.
And standing quite nude
I became very glued
To the deck like an innocent fawn.

Everything glowed white
Like the opposite of night
I was scared more than I thought able.
Then there beside me
Was a being so pretty
That I blushed as she pushed me on a table.

Her breasts were round
And her mouth quite profound
But it was her skin I wouldn't have believed.
It was shiny like chrome
On car bumpers back home,
But it was soft like a baby conceived.

She touched me quick,
But I wasn't slick
I shivered with fright, you understand.
Then, she picked up a light
And pointing it just right,
A buzz grew inside, not to comprehend.

My breasts swelled up fast,
My nipples at full mast,
I felt a puddle pool under my butt.
My eyes were half-closed
A shiver curled my toes
And my fingers flew in my you-know-what.

The being smiled at my state,
Then she sealed my fate
As my legs spread of their own volition.
I wanted her there,
Licking between my hair
I would've fucked her under any condition.

But the look on her face
Was filled with grace
As she touched my lips, then her own.
Then a change began,
She was suddenly a man,
Sporting a sizeable nine-inch bone.

I sighed when he thrust
And I grabbed at my bust
As he fileted me with skill beyond pale.
It was so very good
That I pulled back my hood,
Rubbed my clit and began to whail.

For hours and hours
He pounded me with powers
That surely would have earned a prize.
I'd be fucking him still,
If I'd had the will.
But do you think this is a pack of lies?

The next morning I awoke
And gave myself a poke
To make certain this had not been a dream.
And, there in my hand,
Now back on firm land,
Was the light that shines the sex beam.

Now, whenever I'm in heat,
And in need of some meat,
I want someone who can be quite slutty.
I pull out the beam,
And they beg to cream
As they become -- my lastest fuck buddy.

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