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sexual diva


fuck synchronized swimming
i'm down for synchronized nuts
how 'bout you get your dick
in sync with my butt
just because i'm very sexual
doesn't mean i'm a whore or a tramp
i just enjoy gettin' my freak on
when it comes to sex i get amped
i'm not like most chicks
i don't want a dick that's gigantic
i need a partner who's flexible
who can be rough or romantic
if you want to swing
i can get down with that
show me where the party is
where are the cocks and cunts at
i'd get on stage
and strip for money
we can play with food
i'd let you cover me with honey
i'd let you spank my ass
and blindfold me
then you could do what you want
and i couldn't see
when it comes to sex
i'm very liberated
my ability to arouse
has never been debated
want phone sex
i'm the best in the biz
if you're too lazy to do it
i'll hold your cock while you wiz
i'm a sexual diva
a true champ in the sack
when it comes to fucking
there's nothing i lack
i'm as kinky as they come
from west to east
i might be a lady
but i'm a sexual beast

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