tagErotic Poetrysexually satisfied

sexually satisfied


when i am fucking
i get really wired
i'm like the energizer bunny
i never get tired
my sexual abilities
never cease to amaze
i leave you feeling good
and in a satisfied daze
the things i can do
will thrill and shock
they'll leave you soaking wet
or as hard as a rock
i get on my knees
and start some serious sucking
that leads right into
some hardcore fucking
you're panting so hard
like you've just run a race
you're sweating profusely
and you're flushed in the face
around and around
my titties bounce wildly
we never take it easy
we never fuck mildly
it feels so good
that i must have more
we started on the bed
and ended on the floor
we're both out of breath
and in a puddle of sweat
your dick's like a fish
and my pussy's the net

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