Sexy Mom


Sexy Mom

I'm an erotica poet and writer

Read my stuff and grab your cock

That will make you feel better

This poem will make you hard as rock

My handsome son finds my so sexy

He wanted me to buy another mini

And throw out the stupid old maxi

I know he dreams of me in a bikini

With my Tom, my son I went shopping

My top showed armpits, curves, and cleavage

In the market, I saw so many eyes popping

My mini showed my legs but hid my age

Now this is an interesting one

Because this is the sexy story

Of how I posed for Tom, my son

In all my naked, naked glory

It all began on my son's 19th birthday

When I wore a skimpy swimsuit

My God! He wanted me to strip all the way

And pose in my birthday suit

Now take off your bra, mom

I did and stood topless

Remove your panties, said Tom

He wanted me naked and shameless

I had a good look at his cock

He had a huge erection

I gave him a little talk

On the joys of masturbation

Tom was absolutely delighted

He masturbated looking at me

Mummy, he whispered and ejaculated

I cleaned it up with my bikini

My son wants me in Playboy

So hot are his fantasies

Oh God! Such a naughty boy

He masturbates in my panties

Accidentally, I let my son see me

Enjoying myself in the shower

I was naked, no lingerie, no bikini

In his shorts, I saw a huge tower

After many days of tease

I offered him my tits for a suck

My son said, mom please

Can I have your pussy for a fuck

I wanna bang you my sexy mom

He said and grabbed my butt

I made him mother fucker Tom

And he made me a son fucking slut

Oh darling, touch me, feel me

Kiss me, lick me, suck me

Taste me, bite me, eat me

Enter me, bang me, fuck me

Honey pull down your momma's panty

Fuck me hard you mother fucker

Look at momma's cunt and talk dirty

Oh mom, my slut, my cock sucker

Mom you are sexy, hot, beautiful

Slutty, busty, buxom, gorgeous

So damn delightful, lustful, sinful

Voluptuous, curvaceous, salacious

My darling Tom look at me, lust for me

Just how sexy momma is, tell me

Caress me, massage me, arouse me

Fuck me really hard, I'm your mummee

Undress me, strip me, capture me

Fill me with lust, with desire

Heat me, heat me, heat me, heat me

Till my fucking panty is on fire

Romance me, intoxicate me, seduce me

Hold me in your arms and play with me

Gently, slowly, squeeze me, melt me

Run your fingers and hands all over me

Shower your love on my nipples, my tits

My neck, my cheeks, my sensuous rosy lips,

My back, my shoulders, my tasty armpits

My belly, my legs, my thighs, my round hips

Honey, take me, mount me, ride me

Make me shout, make me scream

In your strong arms and legs hide me

Deep in my cunt spill your love cream

Waves after waves, ripples after ripples

Give to me the joys of a bitch in heat

Send tremors through my ass, my nipples

Drive me mad, make me grab the sheet

We were both naked all night

In my pussy he sowed his seeds

He kept fucking to my delight

Taking care of my sexual needs

From dusk till dawn

We fucked in the bedroom

Watched lots of porn

And fucked in the bathroom

I just desire more and more

Of mother fucking sex every night

Like a slut, like a sexy whore

Rip off my panties and fuck me tight

We had sex on a secluded beach

Sultry, sandy, sweaty, naked, wet

Far far away from the crowd's reach

Surely nothing can beat that, I bet

My son has fucked me in the cunt

Now I want him in my ass

While I masturbate in the front

But he has run out of gas

He said, mom I'm really tired now

But honey momma wants more joy

My sleepy son reminded me how

To have fun alone with a sex toy

There's so much fire in my thighs and cunt

For all my energetic son's efforts every night

I dream of being a hooker out on the hunt

For a guy who can fuck me with all his might

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by BVMLover09/08/17


This is really good!

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