My touch
Feels her
My mouth
Tastes her
Her skin burns
With exquisite heat
We glisten
We throb
We contract
Into each other
She moans
I groan
I bind
She succumbs
I tease
She accedes
Then exceeds
Her hair
A knot in my hand
Her throat exposed
Her skin my canvas
To paint sweet pain upon
She kneels
I smile
She needs
I hold back
She begs
I abide
She is wet
I am solid
In her mouth
I will use her
Abuse her
With my love
Use her
Abuse her
Give her my blood
She submits
I rape her heart
She cums
I bath her
With mine
And she
In heart
In soul
In body
To me

Poem by: R. B. Golden 5/11/02.......AKA Mythicprince.....LovngStrength/SongPrince

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