tagErotic PoetryShe/He Fucks Me Stupid

She/He Fucks Me Stupid

byDu Lac©

This is a little play on the he said she said thing...
A little fun between my love and me... hope you smile a little!!

He says:

SHE FUCKS ME STUPID by Icant Remember

Everytime time I come to you my mind is sharp and clear.
At least until you grind in me your slowly swaying rear.

Your eyes get big your pussy moist you tongue me with your mouth.
Just before you grab my head and force it to go south.

Your words get dirty your breathing labored you grind into my face.
You tell me "Baby just slow down you know its not a race".

I gasp for air I nearly drown you flood me with your cream.
My mouth is sore my eardrums hurt from listening to your scream.

I lay there still for just a while you pull me up to you.
You stick your tongue into my mouth and make me share your goo.

You spank my ass and throw me down and look me in the eye.
Your hands drop down and grab my nuts and makes me want to cry.

You squeeze the head and lower down and lick me with your tongue.
You tell me that you love my cock and our night has just begun.

You are a master of the tease you know just what you do.
Your talking dirty all the time to torture through and through.

An hour later maybe more my pot will start to boil.
I shoot my load into your mouth you nasty nasty goil.

We sit and smoke and drink and laugh and then you say to me.
I'll be right back in just a second I really have to pee.

A minute comes the minute goes until you reappear.
Onto the floor on hands and knees you reach and spread your rear.

You turn your head and gaze at me with smoking sexy eye.
You slap your ass and squeeze your nips so hard it makes you cry.

I start toward you you tell me stop and point off towards a drawer.
I open it it's filled with toys you just bought at the store.

I truss you up I blindfold you I spank your sexy bung.
I grab the oil grease you up and hand you schlong to tongue.

I see my mark I reach way back and grab a buzzing plug.
But just before I stick it in I squeeze you with a hug.

Your mouth is full your pussy packed your ass is all abuzz.
Your start to gush I join right in if only just because.

I fall right off and find a tit that I can suckle to.
You look at me like "I'm not done" theres lots more we can do.

You aint a lying as you hover your pussy over me.
I tell you that I'm not a soldier to be all I can be.

You laugh at this but keep on lowering your cunt onto my cock.
It feels reel good especially when you start to moan and rock.

I used to think that I was blessed for having so much luck.
Now I'm stupid I can not think enough to give a fuck.

I pray that I may make it through with peter still complete.
My brain is mush my body bruised and every night repeat.

So now at last I say to you just let me go and weep.
And give me back my brain you bitch so I can go to sleep.

She says:

He Fucks Me Dull by Du Lac

A shiver, a shake,
Damn he makes me quake,
One word slides in my mind,
Lost moans, my need now climbs.

He taunts me, makes me beg,
Slight the touch, biting my leg,
Tied and trussed, icy stare above,
Ignoring me now, legs spreading love.

What he does, how so now?
Fucking man, to whom I bow.
Master to slave, I die to please,
My orgasm he demands to cease.

Scoffing tongue, mocking cock,
Rimming my ass, my soul to mock.
He waits for the word, I will not give,
Bending me slowly, the power to live.

Mentally I break,
As he eats me like cake,
Sliding lips speak his desires,
"MASTER,PLEASE... go higher!"

Words now said, he lets go in me,
Higher we fly, both now so free.
Sucking, tasting, smelling all we see.
Fucked me dull, stupid I be~

dlt © Jan. 30 2005

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