tagErotic PoetryShe just 'is'.

She just 'is'.


Sara's different,
Not just a pretty face atop a bomb ass body.
She's got character,
Always attitude.
She can't help it.
That's the way God wanted her.

I want her.
I always want her,
She has a sexuality that overwhelms me.
Makes me drip cum,
Lots of cum.
And that happens when my pants are still on,
Imagine when they're off.

She's bad,
So bad.
Blowjobs good,
So good.
Both dominant,

I'm her bitch.
She made me her bitch,
Made me like it to.
Sara's incredible,
Makes me stare.

Slightly off center.
Just enough.

Except when she hasn't eaten,
Then she loses it.
Makes me wonder.
Sara has a good heart.
She loves me.

We argue,
She's always right,
But she doesn't rub it in.
She's nice like that.
Likes to spread her legs and let me pound her,
She's naughty like that,

Never a dull moment,
When she's involved,
That's just impossible.
So much character,
The walk,
The teeth,
The tits.

I like to touch them,
She let's me to.
She's cool like that.
So cool,
I only dream of being that cool.

She doesn't act either,
She just 'is'.
I need more paper.
I could write about Sara all day.
I'm in love.

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