tagNon-Erotic PoetrySilence Save Me, For I'm Afriad

Silence Save Me, For I'm Afriad


A word before this peom: I must admit that though my lines seem to much prove my life is a whole one, the truth being, it is not. For I suffer from great fears that the simplest hinges creaking could bring to deep dark despair. I am nothing broken, but something unwhole.

"Silence Save Me, I Am Afriad"
Written September 13th 2003. Saturday.

Welcome land that you do know.
The silence is broken by the stone.
Living seems to be no more easier,
nor does dying seem more fairer.
Where does the land that walks go?
What is on the other side?

Lonely nights,
and solemn dreams.
Through tears like sheets,
bed sheets indeed;
I saw the walking man.
The dark walking man.
The walking man.

Will you see me set in stone?
With my fear so long behold?
Left in prison home,
Cabin fever.
Where safe my life remains.
No love needed to count my days.
No more emotion except the ones I know,
from television stories told.
With my voice and voices speaking.
In great dialogue they are speaking.

Lonely nights,
I sleep in divine.
My heart no longer beeting,
its just fine.
Living days where the silence serves me
just a Butler would.
Bread and water...
sleeping dreams,
sleeping silence,
sleeping lonely.

Anger lives much like the days.
Sadness wakes in many ways.
The voices softly tell me things.
They tell me truth of many things.
They tell me why I was lost in the mirrior rage.
Call me cage.
Sickness with come home.

Living life seems awfully hard today.
Dyings not so hard they say.
Only I fear whats on the way.
I fear the days.
I fear the nights,
I fear the light,
I fear the people,
I fear the loneliness,
I fear the silence.

With fright and fear in me.
Without real life I seem to thrive.
thriving in captivity.
Thriving less and more.
More or less.
Less is more.
And more is less.
Is much less.
Sickeness dawns my silence.

Save me silence,
I'm afraid.
Save me mother,
I'm afraid.
Save me god,
where are you this very day?
Where which way?
Save me now,
I'm silent.

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