tagNon-Erotic PoetrySimply Shocking!

Simply Shocking!


It worked with cattle so let's try it on them!
Lightning struck nearby and we don't know why
But they don't look as bored now, do they?
I swear I saw a smile on that heifer's face
After the surge jerked her all over the place.
So let's just see what we can do.
I think this is so exciting, don't you?

Let's start with one diode, since it's her first time
Although I hear, two are sublime!
There really is no reason or rhyme
To the method of OUR madness.
Flip the switch - Watch her twitch
And when she wakes up, ask her:

What day is it dear?
Do you know why you're here?
Do you feel the same?
Do you know your name?

Well, don't fret. It doesn't matter
That you gave wrong answers, including the latter,
It really isn't all that bad
You also forgot why you were so sad!
So what if your memories were taken away!
Tomorrow is another day.

This has been simply shocking!

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