I pull you onto my lap,
your pussy dripping because you are a very naughty girl.
Letting you own sister touch you like that.
I spank your bottom,
It is what a slut deserves.
on each cheek.
feeling my pet squirm in my lap
your juices flowing, wetting my thighs
Sister crying out, begging me to stop
Naughty sister, Naughty sister
your legs spreading, bad girl
my hand slips and I spank your pussy between your legs
Oh god, my love, your pussy gushes in reaction
Pretty pink bottom, I can see my handprint.
pushing you off my lap
spreading you on the bed,
crawling btween your wide spread legs
smelling your shaved pussy
fingers parting your lips
mouth licking
oh god.
licking up to your clit,
licking down all the way to your bottom,
to your pretty asshole
tasting your rosebud
tongue sliding against your ass.
oh my angel
sliding 3 fingers into your pussy
fingers sliding in
fucking you
my sister
my slut
fucking your cunt
licking your asshole
other hand wetting in your pussy
fingers moving to press against your bottom
2 fingers pushing againt your tight ass
mouth moving up to your clit
3 fingers in your cunt,
2 fingers in your tight bottom
moving in rhythm
fucking my big sister
teeth on your clit, nibbling, biting
your moans so loud
taking your clit into my mouth
fucking your pussy
fucking your bottom
your cunt gripping my fingers
without letting go I crawl on top of you
my pussy at your mouth
letting you suck my juices
feeling you slide your fingers into me
our fingers fucking each other in unison
orgasms building
the smell of our cunts filling our bedroom
You scream a long low sound,
my name.
Sister having the first orgasm.
girl cum squirting into my mouth
I can't hold back
I cum on your face
oh god
naughty girls
tasting each other's cum
pussy juices
orgasm wetness
you taste magical
I could drink you all day
my cunt is gushing
Can you taste me
I pull my fingers from your bottom and lick them clean
Nasty naughty slut
we pull fingers from cunts,
i turn around on top of you
our mouths meet
tasting each other on our lips
kisses kises
on our lips,
on our eyelids
loving kisses
orgasmic kisses
sister kisses
my heart beating a little slower.
oh god.
laying there just holding each other
two girls
pussy to pussy
breasts to breasts
so sleepy
falling asleep in our bed

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