tagErotic PoetrySister's Face

Sister's Face


My sister's eyes, so soft yet vivid,
They are the very essence of her soul.
To look into them, I see pure love,
I see my desires, my burning drive.

Her eyes like mine, show her own desire,
As they gaze upon my body, full of fire.
She too looks into my soul,
For she loves no other.

My sister's nose, so soft and supple,
Kissing it, I love every curve.
Rubbing my nose over it,
I smell her scent, so pure and sweet.

My sister's ears, lay nestled under her hair,
I run my fingers along the back of her head.
Turning her head, I kiss her ear,
Tonguing it, till I hear her moan.

My sister's neck, so soft and tender,
Every nerve tingles from her brother's kiss and tongue.
I nibble then bite her sexy neck,
I kiss my way up to her open mouth.

My sister's mouth, her lips are so soft,
I kiss them with passion as she kisses back.
I cup her face and hold her tenderly,
As my tongue traces her parted lips, I taste her desire.

My tongue slides across her lips then into her mouth,
Accepting her brother's tongue, she sucks it in.
All of our senses are heightened,
As we open our eyes and see each others desires.

My sister's mouth kisses down my neck,
pausing briefly to suck my hard nipple.
Slowly I watch as her tongue slides down my chest,
To my navel, then a little farther.

Her eyes gaze upon my hard cock,
She watches it as it twitches.
She licks from the bottom of my balls,
Upwards along my shaft, then to the tip of my head.

I watch as my pre cum starts to drip,
My sister lips slide up and down.
Her tongue licks up my pre cum,
For she loves my taste, and then smiles.

My sister stares into my eyes, I stare into hers,
My cock points at my sister's closed mouth.
She parts her lips, my head is so close,
Her head lowers, my cock disappears.

Slowly she bobs her head up and down,
Ever so slowly picking up the tempo.
I explode in a fury, I cum in her mouth,
She swallows it all and smiles.

Gently I cup her face, pulling her to her feet,
I lower my lips to her, kissing her softly.
Our forbidden love is out of control,
We love each other, from soul to soul.

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