tagErotic PoetrySit and Watch

Sit and Watch


Sit on the side of the bed
And watch
No you don’t get to touch
Just watch me play with this pretty pussy

I see you
Licking your lips
Aching for a taste

Watching those juices coat my fingers
Drip between my thighs

“Let me give you what you need,” you say
“Just the tip I promise.”

“You know you lyin’,” I say
Eyes fixed on yours
Your mouth curling
Knowing I’m right

I close my eyes
For just a moment
Feeling myself
Then I feel the bed dip

“Didn’t I say to sit and watch?”
But you don’t listen
You never do
Always have your own agenda

“Move your damn hand,” you say
I don’t even get to respond
You pull my hand away
Lick my fingers
Before tasting straight from the source

“Mmmm baby girl,” you mumble
Licking away
Sucking my clit
Leaving me speechless

My body relaxes
Can’t help but enjoy the pleasure

You’re relentless
Every time I moan
You lick faster
Every time I say your name
Hand on the back of your head
You suck harder

You know I’m close
Writhing underneath your touch
Legs squeezing around your head
But you don’t let me finish

You grip my hips
Flip me over
Don’t even give me a second to breathe
Before you push your way in
Almost sends me over the edge

“Mmm I feel you gripping tight,” you say slapping my ass
“And you just wanted me to watch you,” you laugh

You grip my ass
Squeeze hard as you fuck me

All I can do is moan
You know you’re hitting my spot
As I grip the bed sheets
Unable to speak

Causing me to drip
As you slip in and out

I feel you slowing down
So I push back against you
Hear you groan

I push myself up
Arch my back
I know how much you love that
Turn my head to see your face

You just sit there
As I back it up
Feeling you

But you don’t watch for long
Slowly start to match my rhythm

Groaning in my ear
Our pleasure
Our energy
Feeding off of each other

I can’t hold back much longer
And you know it
Hold me close
As you thrust
One more time

Making me take it
All of it
As I shudder
Cry out

You pull out
“Hold still baby”
But I shake my ass
Feel you erupt
Coating it

You lay down beside me
Pull me close
“You mad I didn’t sit and watch?” you ask
“Absolutely not!”

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/13/18

isn't this how

Louie C.K. got into trouble? Anyway thanks for the long journey you took us on!

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