tagNon-Erotic PoetrySkeletons In My Closet

Skeletons In My Closet


The darkness that lives in me
Resides in a place of its own
It hides away in a closet
In the back of its home

All the skeletons in my life
Are buried in this place
In the ground and in the closet
Hidden from your face

One by one they haunt me
They threaten my way of life
They mess with my heart
They cause pain and strife

I wish they would walk away
Stay trapped in the past
Stop interfering with my roles
Be rid of them at long last

I was robbed of my innocence
At just the age of three
In a Satanic ritual
With the consent of my family

My cousin left a gang
Just to meet his end at a gun
Murdered in front of me
No chance to scream or run

My dad shot my mom
I watched from the closet's safety
Sobbing as I saw the blood
Aching as I saw him flee

My daddy lived behind bars
For crimes that still make me cringe
After everything he did
He deserved the chair and syringe

I was molested over and over
By men my mom brought around
She turned a blind eye
As they passed me around

I bear a scar upon my chest
Where my Granny stabbed me
She blamed me when the police came
And took my mom from me

Left to fend for myself
I was starved to skin and bones
I stole food from schools
Drank water from the toilet at home

When someone finally spoke up
I was taken away
My Granny screamed at them
For not coming sooner in the day

Foster care became my hell
Just another part of my tragedy
Raped, nearly drowned, beaten, starved
No one to protect me

Years of abuse went by
I was an empty shell
Stumbling through life
Always in pain I fell

At last it looked like my luck had changed
My little sister and I found a family
We were adopted right before Christmas
Sadly that wasn't the end of my sad story

I was part of a packaged deal
I was the outcast once more
It was the burden I carried
A fortune of what was in store

They sent me away to boarding school
That later was announced as a cult
The rules and regulations were strict
Tried as I might I couldn't bolt

Flashbacks came and my life was a mess
I was diagnosed with PTSD
I tried to kill myself
Spent years in therapy

My mom killed herself my senior year
Just to keep me away
After everything she put me through
I still sobbed as in the ground she lay

I managed to make it through high school
Despite all of the endless pain
I graduated with a smile
Fought to remain sane

But life robbed me of my family
Burned down every bridge
Left me alone in agony
My emotions rotting in the fridge

I went searching for my biological family
Only to be met with a knife
I spent months in a women's shelter
Fighting for my life

I got engaged to my Master
Thought life was looking up
Until his step dad raped me
Left me bloody, broken, and fucked up

I left my life behind
Never to look back
Found my older brother
That I found what my life lacked

Stupid mistake on my part
That's my fatal flaw
Raped and beaten again and again
So much pain I was left raw

I tried again to end my life
To end my suffering and pain
But even in suicide I failed
Scars were my only gain

I was offered a chance to move
I jumped at it right away
I packed up and relocated
A fresh start, a new day

This is the first time I'm safe
In all my years on earth
The first time I'm protected
Since the day of my birth

But all my skeletons
Are rattling their bones
Taunting me with their presence
Bruising me with their stones

I'm not sure if I can be strong
I don't think I can fight it
So here I am now
Cleaning out my closet

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