The grunts that escaped his throat
as his paw landed across her bare ass
made the juice leaking from her pussy
gush down her thighs
onto his thighs
Stopping his task at hand
He watched as the juices
ran from pussy to thigh to his thigh to floor
and he thought what a nasty lil bitch he had here.

This young lil brunette
bigs tits
nice ass
loving the ass beating she was receieving
So much that her cries stopped
And were replaced by moaning
and shifting about
his very hard and oozing cock head
was leaving behind a glistening trail
leaving her crumbs to find her way home
home to his cock and cum and balls and ass.

Smoothing his hand
large slow circles were being drawn over her ass
throbbing and stinging
welts she was sure would be noticeable
but the thought of others seeing
that she was indeed owned
used by another was making her gush more
and soon she gasped
sliding the tip of his index finger in
inside of her tight lil ass hole.
she came.

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