tagErotic PoetrySlow Hand, Hard Dick, Dirty Mind

Slow Hand, Hard Dick, Dirty Mind


My hot hand slowly slides
Into your tight little panties
Reaching your pussy, I slowly stroke
Your head falls forward in pleasure
You take a deep breath and sigh
My fingers slowly enter you
Sensuously rotating in deeper
You're breathing faster, getting hotter
I've got you wet enough to lick
So I give you my tongue
Savoring your taste, I lick slowly
You like the roughness of my tongue
As it arouses your soft, pink pussy
I have to hold your hips to contain you
Keep pushing yourself into me
I want to lick you raw
Just as you're about to cum
I decide you're ready for my cock
Pushing my tongue up your side
I let you put me between your legs
I slowly glide up your wet pussy
Beginning the hypnotic rhythm
In and out, not too fast
You haven't stopped flowing
Sweat mixes with cum and drenches us
We've kept it slow and intense
As you shove your tongue in my mouth
I feel you tense up again
You're ready and so am I
Close your eyes baby this is it
Your hot juices flow down over my hard dick
Drenching me, soaking me
Then I shoot my hot stream
Into your throbbing pussy
Kissing you as you scream
Plunging harder and deeper
Watching you smile and close your eyes
Satisfied and happy, that's my girl
I know just how you like it.

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