tagErotic PoetrySneaking Up On Mama!

Sneaking Up On Mama!

byUncle Pervey©

My Mama got drunk the other night,
And came home feeling no pain.
Mama made it in and went to bed,
And she passed out all the same!

Mama passed out lying on her bed,
She was still wearing her clothes.
Everything except the shoes she'd wore,
She still wore her panty hose!

I sneaked into the room where she lay,
I knew how Mama would sleep.
She was laying face down on the bed,
I raised her dress and I peeked!

Mama was wearing her panti-hose,
Under her red party best.
Mama was wearing thin red panties,
A red bra encased her breasts!

I shoved her dress up above her waist,
And exposed her pretty back.
I pressed my face against her sweet ass,
Inhaled and savored her crack!

Then I thought that I just might as well,
Take all of her clothes off first.
I worked her dress up and off of her,
I looked at her with a thirst!

Mama was laying there in her bra,
And wearing her panti-hose.
I'd have her red panties off too,
She'd be naked with no clothes!

I unsnapped her bra and pulled it off,
And dropped it down to the floor.
I pulled her panti-hose down her legs,
I saw the ass I adored!

Her thin red panties was the last thing,
I pulled them down off her buns.
I knelt and I worshiped her sweet ass,
Before I began my fun!

I licked on Mama all of the way,
From her feet up to her head.
I licked her slowly tasting her skin,
It tasted just like fresh bread!

I licked the smooth warm skin on her back,
And licked down to her sweet ass.
I licked and sucked hickies on her cheeks,
Then I started in her crack!

I was laying downward toward her feet,
With my hot hands on her cheeks.
I started licking and pulled them wide,
And I settled down to eat!

I worked my way down inside her crack,
Til I reached her sweet asshole.
I fastened my lips around it tight,
I licked it and tongued it slow!

This was such a wondrous thing I had,
My unconscious Mama's hole.
She didn't know what I was doing,
I wanted to keep it so!

I loved it when my Mama passed out,
I'd get to have sex with her.
I'd get to eat and fuck both her holes,
I'd get to lick on her fur!

I've licked and sucked on her sweet asshole,
And my tongue is getting sore.
So I swing around and mount her back,
And in her ass my cock bores!

When I pressed my cock against her hole,
It bent before popping in.
Then it slid inside all of the way,
And now real fucking begins!

My cock's on fire inside her ass,
Her asshole sqqueezes it so.
Her asshole's smooth moist and hot,
I pushed it deep in her hole!

I'm fucking Mama with all my might,
I'm slamming her meaty bum.
Now my cock is jumping and squirting out,
Gobs and gobs of creamy cum!

I keep on fucking cause it feels good,
I love the way my cock feels.
Sliding all around in her hot shit,
It's such a climatic deal!

My cock is squeezed out by her spincter,
As it slowly closes up.
I roll Mama over on the bed,
I open her legs and sup!

Mama's just laying there sound asleep,
I slide up between her thighs.
I want to lick and eat her pussy,
In her pussy my tongue glides!

My Mama's pussy makes real good juice,
It tastes sweet like Nectarine.
Her pussy juice is creamy and white,
I'm eating Mama Irene!

I've eat her pussy and made it cum,
I slurped and swallowed her juice.
Now I'm laying on her warm belly,
And fucking her pussy loose!

I feel my cock about to explode,
Deep inside her pussy's hole.
My cock is jumping squirting hot cum,
I'm filling her with my soul!

I love my Mama in every way,
Her pussy and asshole too.
I get Mama under the bed clothes,
My love for Mama is true!

I've straightened my sleeping Mama out,
A pillow's beneath her head.
Now I'm sneaking back out of her room,
Time for me to go to bed!!

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