solo sex


i want to hear your stories
of how you please yourself
a partner can be nice
but you don't always need someone else
tell me how it feels
when your body you caress
for men it would be your dick
for women your cunt and breasts
every one who knows me
knows how much i masturbate
i even do it at work
because sometimes i just can't wait
ladies, grab your dildo
and break out your vibrator
what ever else you're doing
can clearly wait for later
guys, put on your cock ring
and stroke it 'til you squirt
then tell me all about it
in an email alert
tell me how it is
when you have that great release
for me it calms me down
and puts my pussy at peace
masturbating can be soothing
after a hard day at wok
you need to rub your clit
or give your cock a jerk
there should be a world wide
masturbation day
your job should be closed
so with your genitals you could play
a national holiday
set a side to masturbate
that's just another one of my ideas
and i think it's pretty great

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