Sometimes I feel like
     the scum of the earth--
So dumb nothing could make me smart!

Sometimes I feel like
     I'm a brick wall:
Hard, impenetrable and unyielding
To any force that would
     reach my heart.

Sometimes I feel like
     my heart is so fragile,
Easy to crush, vulnerable--
     Like the shell of an egg.

Sometimes I cry bitter, hot, salty tears
For my ignorance, stubbornness--
Being so sensitive.

My tears touch the soft shell
     of my heart,
Making it less vulnerable.

My tears soften and corrode the
     hard bricks in my wall,
So that a spade--
     not a hammer and chisel--
Are required.

My hot and salty tears
     make my conscience smart
And cleanse the scum
     that has blinded my eyes,
So that I can see that maybe--
There IS hope for me afterall!

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