Spank Me


You look at me
Head bowed
Eyes lowered
Packages in hand

My hands shake
I glare in disbelief

You have this way
You really do
You grab my emotions
You cut them in two

We work hard
We're live a modest life
Except when the urge strikes
And out you go

You say you can't help it
You say it's out of your hands
These expeditions draw you
Like a magnet, you go

You look at me
Head bowed
Eyes lowered
Packages in hand

"Spank me"
Is all you say
Like it makes things
alright, all okay

I sit in the bedroom
On a hard back chair
I glare at you
At your fine red hair

"Get over my knees"
Is all I say
You approach
Nodding okay

Packages by your side
Your skirt is lifted
Then the cotton panties
Are removed

Your ass is bare
Your ass is white
Your ass is soft
Your ass shivers

It's time
To be punished
For your

My hand is raised
Then slammed down
You cry out
You beg me to stop

"Take that, and that"
I say, striking your ass
Causing you pain
Watching you redden

My mind is jumbled
Seeing you squirm
Hearing your crying
Feeling your pain

"You bastard, stop!"
Comes your cry
I don't, I can't
I continue

"Ouch," you wail
"Oh," you cry
"No," you spit
"Stop,' you yell

You are humiliated
(Still) I caress your hot ass
You are embarrassed
I feel vindicated

'til next time
When you are bad
When I see you blush
When I see your pain

When I hear those words
I will know then my goal
Over my knees
You will go

And you will quietly
Say those words

"Spank Me!"

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