tagNon-Erotic PoetryStand Up For Life

Stand Up For Life


I know that troubles weigh upon you
So heavily sometimes,
But please know that my words are true,
When I tell you, that you are not alone.
We shall stand together,
And stand up for life.
Through all trials and strife,
Through all life's losses and loves.
Please lean on me, I don't mind.
I promise you, I will never leave you behind.
Stand up for us,
Stand up for life,
I look at you pleadingly.
Showing you how much I love you so dearly.

Take my hand,
And feel my strength,
You will soon understand,
That I will never allow you to give up on yourself,
Along the way, we will stumble and fall,
But I will catch you in my arms, each time,
Becasue I love you unconditionally.
So spread your wings and fly free,
And you shall see
That you will never be alone, my dear.
Because I shall be standing stoically
Beside you,
Loving you,
Cherishing you.
I know that the world's troubles can sometimes wound you like a knife
And just as deep,
But my darling, be brave and stand up for life.

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