tagErotic PoetryStormy Beach

Stormy Beach


Stormy Beach
© Stryderthorongil (2008)

The waves crash, the southern shore
The rain a drizzle, begins to pour
The sand squeezes, between his toes
He walks the beach, drips surfing his nose

A sunny day, a sudden storm
Skin dripping, remembering sun still warm
Laughing, smiling, looking up to the sky
Feeling light as a feather, ready to fly

That’s when he sees her, staring into the rain
He had thought he had lost her, he felt the pain
Two weeks ago past, he remembered the fight
He thought they had ended, until last night

Now together again, she sees him and smiles
Moving the hair from her face, wet but styled
In the fashion of a mermaid, she looks in his eyes
Entranced he reaches her, hands on her thighs

Slowly moving up, her hips…her waist…pulling her close
His breath warm on her skin, she rises on toes
Head turned up, lips pursed to kiss
Thunder rocks the skies, they feel sensual bliss

Of lips and tongues exploring, tasting salty brine
As bodies move to the beach, legs entwine
She gently pushes him to his back, straddles for her ride
Her eyes tell him everything, she will not be denied

Ripping off, his sand soaked suit
She quickly moves, in her pursuit
Pulling her down, untying her top
Chest against breast, not wanting to stop

Rivulets of water, flowing o’er shoulder and face
Caressing her back, touching each sensual place
She digs her nails deep, scratching his chest
Rising up for her ride, he cups each sensual breast

Moving her hands, down his muscular form
She reaches his manhood, throbbing and warm
Aggressively searching, and squeezing his jewels
She finds her target, and follows no rules

A clap of thunder, a mighty thrust
A scream like a gale, a feeling of lust
She rides her hot stallion, through the warm falling rain
The tempo first slow, now starting to gain

As rhythm of bodies, matches waves crashing shore
Her mind feeling his, as senses explore
Reaching the madness, thunder rocking her mind
Lightning flashing like fireworks, chills down her spine

Arching her back, her ride most intense
The rain strokes her skin, heightening her sense
As she feels his hardness, throb and expand
She lets out a scream, squeezing tight round her man

Quivering and shaking, she falls to his chest
Hot breath in her ear, as they fall from the crest
They lay together, ‘til storm subsides
Then slowly move, longing deep in their eyes

They wash in the surf, ‘til each is clean
Eyes touching souls, memorizing the scene
Helping each dress, they walk hand in hand
Toes making love, in gently caressing sand

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