tagErotic PoetryStory of Lizzie Ann!

Story of Lizzie Ann!

byUncle Pervey©

I met a pretty young lady,
Everyone called Lizzie Ann.
I vowed to myself that I'd have,
This lady's beautiful can!

So I started my sweet talkin',
I told her "Honey, you're sweet!
If you will sneak back out tonight,
I know just the place to meet!"

She answered me "Oh you rascal!
You're just a sweet talkin' man!"
I told her "Darling I love you!"
She said "You just want my can!"

I had to smile at this vixon,
Cause she had figured me out.
My lust was oh so obvious,
It made her sweet red lips pout!

We talked for awhile then she said,
"I might sneak out just to see,
What you have in mind for my ass,
And what you can do for me!"

She grinned and she went back inside,
She gave her sweet ass a twitch.
It made my tongue and cock get hard,
Thinking of that saucy bitch!

It was so plain she loved teasing,
That suited me fine you know.
I'll undress that pretty young gal,
And I'll eat both of her holes!

The moonlight was shining when she,
Sneaked out of her house and came.
"Now take your clothes off" I told her,
"And we'll start our little game!"

As she unrobed she was gasping,
"I've never, done this before!"
I smiled and said "Don't worry.
It's your sweet ass I adore!"

I told her I'd eat her pussy,
Eat it so good she would cum!
She'd take no risk getting pregnant,
"I can't impregnate your bum!"

Hhe hesitated then asked me,
"Oh won't that hurt, just a bit?"
I grinned and said "Don't worry!
"You'll feel so good you'll just shit!"

She giggled as I put my mouth,
On her pussy and began.
I sucked on her sweet vulva lips,
Tongue fucked her fast as I can!

Before too long she was moaning,
Grinding and humping my lips!
She started cumming and cumming,
I ate her cum from her hips!

As she lay gasping she whispered,
"That felt great, you made me cum!
Now I will keep our agreement.
Now you can have my sweet bum!"

The first thing I did was to reach,
And pull her cheeks wide apart!
My lustfilled eyes wanted to see,
That Rose-Bud that thrilled my heart!

I bent down and kissed it sweetly,
I caressed it, with my tongue.
I probed the little tiny hole,
I clamped my mouth and begun!

I sucked on and tongue fucked her hole,
I licked her asshole out neat.
I made her squirm with my tongue then,
I really began to eat!

I ate her sweet asshole hard and,
I ate her sweet asshole slow.
I had her gasping "Oh Jesus!
I'm cumming! Oh go man go!"

I worked my tongue like a piston,
Pounding inside a machine!
I pounded my tongue in her ass,
Her cum made her softly scream!

"Oo oh! Oo oh! That feels so good!
I'm Heaven bound" was her cry!
"Oh Baby," I whispered to her,
You're making my poor brain fry!"

""Oh Lizzie Ann you're so pretty,
You're such a beautiful Lass!"
I laid down on top of her back,
And shoved my cock in her ass!

"Oh shit" she gasped "That is hurting!
You're splitting my tight asshole!"
I whispered for her to relax,
"I'll do it easy and slow."

I moved my cock inside her hole,
I felt the clinging wet heat!
Her asshole was milking my cock,
Grasping and squeezing my meat!

She moved her hips and then whispered,
"You're making me want to swoon!"
I started fucking her faster,
I knew I'd be done real soon!

Our fucking friction was fire,
My cock's burning her inside.
It started shooting out hot cum,
Filling her up like the tide!

"Oh, Oh," she cried "You are burning!
My asshole up with your cum!"
I gasped "I knew you would like it!
Like my hot cock in your bum!"

She moaned again when I pulled out,
"I feel so empty inside."
I told her "Don't worry Darling!
I'll do you again!" and I sighed!

That's the story of Lizzie Ann,
And how I fucked her sweet ass!
It's a tale of her sweet asshole,
This lovely pretty young Lass!!

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