tagErotic Poetrystraight to my heart

straight to my heart


in between my legs
is where your tongue belongs
as you use your teeth
to remove my thongs
you need to eat me out
and make me wet
take care of my pussy
and cause me to sweat
swirl your tongue
around and around
i love your hot breath
on my hairless mound
in and out of my pussy
your tongue does dart
you're eating your way
straight to my heart
your tongue flickers fast
your tongue flickers slow
i'm creaming my thighs
as my fluids do flow
my clit's getting hard
my clit's getting stiff
you love my aroma
and take a big wiff
my juices are tasty
my juices are sticky
you use your mouth
to give my clit a hickey
you lap at my cunt
making me feel great
your tongue and my clit
should never separate
i cum in your face
i'm totally drained
i look at my sheets
and they're cum-stained

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