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Everywhere I go, in thoughts and fantasies
I am silently pleading to be shoved to my knees
My face brought to your cock, hot and hard
My mouth opened to take you, without any disregard ...
There is sex that rides continually in my mind
Given any point of day, in any point of time
I would come to your office, kneel beneath your desk
If asked too, I would follow, isn't that what a submissive does best! ...
I long to be awakened in the morning, forced on hands and knees
And then flogged across my bared ass, begging for another 'please'
A color isn't something I'll ever utter when you're giving pain
It is the relishment within me, every stroke, every sting, a rainless rain ...
To be bound in black leather and ankles, hands bound the same
To be blindfolded and a collar placed about my neck, a silent name
To wear this silver collar of silver chain, does anyone ever guess its purpose?
I would not care what they would think, or feel,
it is you I am bound to tame ...
A wildness about you, though reined in and controlled as true a Dom
There is the whispers of pain within you, of the need to silently throng
They say a true Dom has been taken and made submissive for just a little while
To learn the other end of the game, to gain wisdom and finesse his style ...
Everywhere I go, on any given day, my mind rides you deep
I'd love to be bound down to a table, legs spread wide, for you to seep
The slowest of pleasures, tease and taunt me with your fingernails
The way they caress and pain me, is like a leisurely ride through hell ...
And my mind, when you play me, drive me to that outer edge
Becomes embroiled with a passion, a lust that is not easily misled
To fuck and fuck and fuck you, after you've tattered me and sought
The deepest of my submission, the deepest wells of my soul ...
I hold close the theory that the sub holds over the Dom complete control
For without my consent, would you be allowed to play me hard
I could easily stand and laugh and taunt, and be a total bitch in disregard
But for you, something in you, holds my wrists firmly by my sides ...
The look you give, the one-eyed glare, makes me longful in silent sighs
I am yours, however long, however strong we chose to ride this
As submissive to your domination, I shall bend and I shall kiss
Your lips as you sleep, stroke your cock when it responds to my thighs ...
How powerful I long to hold you down, and ride you in a wave however high ...
I lose my mind ...
When I see your eyes ...
Their beauty not unnoticed ...
The power within them delicious ...
Submissive to your dominance ...

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